Miami "Wild Orchid" Style

Fall/Winter in Miami is more like an urban myth. Miami is all about color and flavor; it’s about bringing the right silhouettes in the right colors to express our vision of fall. It is a given that we have beach season all year around but the Miami trendsetters prefer to follow along with the seasons and wear the latest fashions. As a Miami based brand we offer options for our fashionistas this season, which we call Tropical Fall/ Winter.

Our Tropical Fall/Winter collection offers unique prints for this season. Our vibrant and beloved Wild Orchid print serves as the perfect transition from Pre Fall to Fall by capturing the so-called Miami “Wild Orchid” Style. The vivid colors of the Wild Orchid print are derived from a cold color palette bringing the hint of fall into this tropical weather.  Our collection consists of textures and solids that accentuate our Wild Orchid print.

In our boho chic editorial inspired by “Thelma and Louise” we feature the Lari crop top, Isa skirt and the versatile Nancy tunic.  If you love this Wild Orchid print as much as we do and you would like a bespoke piece proudly made in America email us to convey your fashion desires.