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Address: 2060 NW 22nd Ave. Ste. 11 Miami FL 33142

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2060 NW 22nd Ave. Ste. 11
Miami, Florida


Luis Aponte, Fashion Designer based in Miami, specialized in women's wear apparel, cocktail dresses and special occasion attire.

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The Luis Aponte Woman

Luis Aponte

The summer collection is almost done and fall is on its way, the brainstorming process starts and the clock is ticking. It’s a race against time and I can feel the ideas dripping down like an IV of creativity. Fashion screams out to be born and I am here to bring it to life.

There is a wonderful feeling of creating a masterpiece, which make me question who’s going to wear it? Who’s the Luis Aponte woman? As these questions rush into my head, I know the answers. I have a clear vision of who my customer is and whom I am dressing.

Through different stages of my life I have encountered wonderful women that have served as an inspiration for me. My mother and grandmother, both ingrained in me a strong desire to find my way and conquer my dreams, with respect and consideration. These two ladies are my fashion icons and role models that guide me in developing the direction my line should follow. It is not a coincidence that I dress a strong woman, the type of woman that is a visionary, who makes her own path and is a leader in it, that can carry the world on her shoulders and still have a word of wisdom along with the most beautiful smile. The Luis Aponte woman is a fun sophisticated woman, with the classiness that you can only be born with and that “je ne sais quoi” that makes her one in a zillion.

Luis Aponte