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Luis Aponte, Fashion Designer based in Miami, specialized in women's wear apparel, cocktail dresses and special occasion attire.

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Halloween And Beyond

Luis Aponte

Halloween is always a big deal, if you want to dress up in costume or even if you are just trying to dress yourself up in a Halloween inspired motif.   Here is my recommendation for all of you who can use a little help in finding yourself Halloween inspired attire.

Our team of experts and myself put together a look from our fall/winter '15 collection.  We chose our popular and very flattering Courtney dress in our Snow Leopard print with black contrasting details, matched up with our Harry fur vest to add a little hairy texture in order to achieve a feline look.

Not a costume but will definitely make you a highlight at the party.   The forte of this outfit is that after Halloween you can keep using them as separates, to a night out, to a professional meeting or even brunch.  Dress it up or dress it down, the trick is to treat yourself ladies.


Editorial Credits:

Designer: Luis Aponte

Photographer: Flavio Iryoda

Hair And Make-Up: Aracely Bravo

Model: Crystal Shattuck


Miami "Wild Orchid" Style

Luis Aponte

Fall/Winter in Miami is more like an urban myth. Miami is all about color and flavor; it’s about bringing the right silhouettes in the right colors to express our vision of fall. It is a given that we have beach season all year around but the Miami trendsetters prefer to follow along with the seasons and wear the latest fashions. As a Miami based brand we offer options for our fashionistas this season, which we call Tropical Fall/ Winter.

Our Tropical Fall/Winter collection offers unique prints for this season. Our vibrant and beloved Wild Orchid print serves as the perfect transition from Pre Fall to Fall by capturing the so-called Miami “Wild Orchid” Style. The vivid colors of the Wild Orchid print are derived from a cold color palette bringing the hint of fall into this tropical weather.  Our collection consists of textures and solids that accentuate our Wild Orchid print.

In our boho chic editorial inspired by “Thelma and Louise” we feature the Lari crop top, Isa skirt and the versatile Nancy tunic.  If you love this Wild Orchid print as much as we do and you would like a bespoke piece proudly made in America email us to convey your fashion desires.


The Luis Aponte Woman

Luis Aponte

The summer collection is almost done and fall is on its way, the brainstorming process starts and the clock is ticking. It’s a race against time and I can feel the ideas dripping down like an IV of creativity. Fashion screams out to be born and I am here to bring it to life.

There is a wonderful feeling of creating a masterpiece, which make me question who’s going to wear it? Who’s the Luis Aponte woman? As these questions rush into my head, I know the answers. I have a clear vision of who my customer is and whom I am dressing.

Through different stages of my life I have encountered wonderful women that have served as an inspiration for me. My mother and grandmother, both ingrained in me a strong desire to find my way and conquer my dreams, with respect and consideration. These two ladies are my fashion icons and role models that guide me in developing the direction my line should follow. It is not a coincidence that I dress a strong woman, the type of woman that is a visionary, who makes her own path and is a leader in it, that can carry the world on her shoulders and still have a word of wisdom along with the most beautiful smile. The Luis Aponte woman is a fun sophisticated woman, with the classiness that you can only be born with and that “je ne sais quoi” that makes her one in a zillion.

Luis Aponte

My Wake Up Call

Luis Aponte

My first time sitting in front of a sewing machine was a few years ago, since that moment it’s been an extraordinary journey in a fast-forward motion. I grew up having an eye for fashion and a lot of creativity. But coming from a family of health professionals with an amazing but dormant skill for art, my artistic gene nearly passed unnoticed and almost meant to stay that way. It wasn’t until my third year in doctoral school that I discovered my true passion, fashion. So I took a leap of faith and all I have to say is that I am glad I took that turning point in my life. At that moment my fashion career started with fashion designer Mara Garcia who took me under her wings and taught me how to fly, in a sewing kind of way. From her I learned couture, impeccable craftsmanship, and above all determination.

I wanted to move forward in my career and Miami Int’l University extended its arms for me thus becoming my second home for two years. Hard work, perseverance and amazing teachers that held my hand guiding me on my learning path were my first insight in growing into a professional in the fashion industry. All of them put a piece of themselves in me, I am happy for that and I know their hearts smile with a cheering spirit every time I take a new challenge. ­

A highlight in my career is to have been blessed with the opportunity of being part of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.  I still can’t believe I did it, but I did and like Mrs. Cardet told me “no one can take that away from you”. I remember the great sensation of accomplishment I felt when I told my family they needed to book a flight to come see me in New York. I still get those goosebumps that bring my fashion muse into a state of greatness and proudness whenever I go back to that moment when they played “Team” by Lorde and the models started to walk down the runway.

After having my first encounter with the fashion industry in New York and Miami I knew I have a lot to learn, but at the same time I understood that the time is right and I am ready to start a new adventure. An adventure I am convinced will take me somewhere closer to where I want to be. Every time I close my eyes I can feel all the great sacrifices I am doing will take me to a better place. At the end of the day, when I ask myself what fashion is, I can just realize it’s the way I can translate myself into art and as a fashion designer create wearable art.

Luis Aponte